February 24, 2004

Bush Lovers

Some people love the president [Matt Margolis Blog I Love Bush]. A reality check is needed when someone loves a president - any president - after a string of presidential affairs throughout the history. To blindly trust a politician is not prudent. Matt was delighted by the latest president's speech. I am a bit more reserved:

Here, Bush clarifies what happened with our economy for the Democrats...

So, the economy was so bad during Clinton administration, and so fabulous during Bush. The fact that I lost my job last year is just a coincidence. And the fact that the official unemployment rate does not take into account people whose unemployment has lapsed, is also a coincidence

Bush: We delivered historic tax relief...
Yes, Bush spent about $100 Billion on the war in Iraq, which comes out to about $300 per U.S. citizen. A family of 4 paid about $1,200 for the war, and received a $600 tax refund check. Will someone do the math, please?
We had to confront corporate crimes ...

I am impressed by Bush administration arresting the Enron crew. I am a bit less impressed by Chaney's Halliburton sticking it to our soldiers by overcharging gas.

We?ve captured or killed many of the key leaders of the al Qaeda network

Indeed. With a small exception of flying all members of Bin Laden family who were in the U.S. out of the country on Sept 12, 2001, WHEN ALL THE FLIGHTS AROUND THE WORLD WERE BANNED.

So we increased the defense budget to give our men and women the tools and training they need to win the war on terror.

Yes, the defense budget was increased so that military contractors can stuff their pockets. "Our men and women" soldiers collect charity through the Armed Forces Relief Trust

the Democrats have lots to bitch about, but have offered no ideas or solutions of their own

Yes, they have, but the American public really likes wars. After September 11, 2001, nobody cared which country/terrorist attacked us - almost everybody wanted to go to a war. "Pick a war, any war." I don't see Democrats winning presidential elections with such a pro-war sentiment in the U.S. Bush put a ban on photos of soldiers' caskets on TV; Democrats should fight the ban if they want to reverse the widespread pro-war sentiment.

Bush: the Taliban are no longer in power...

... but the poppy narcotics production as at all-time high, Afghanistan is unstable with daily gunfights, the rights of women are as bad as during the Taliban, and Muslim fundamentalists still wield strong power in the country.

Bush: [Sadam] used chemical weapons against thousands of Iraqis and Iranians.

Yes, the chemicals bought from the U.S. and used with a tacit approval from the U.S. administration.

Attacking the liberal myth we went to war alone in Iraq

Only the U.S. and U.K. went to war. The help from Bulgaria and Philippines is symbolic, and it took some arm twisting to get it. Even these countries that agreed to help would NOT have their names initially published (out of shame, or fear of the domestic public opinion?)!

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