February 19, 2004


There is nothing wrong with outsourcing. Especially outsourcing to Canada. It is too bad that everything has to be dumbed down for an average voter and that Kerry had to stop outsourcing to Canada phonecalls for his presidential campaign 2004.

Outsourcing does have a bad side, though. As Bruce Barttlet said "Nations get rich by concentrating on doing the things they do best". But Americans barely do anything better today: software and stock market analysis are done in India, clothing in China, semiconductors in Japan, electronics in Taiwan, cars in Corea. By outsourcing our key fields of expertise, we lost the edge of knowing "things we do best" as foreigners learned the business and cut out the middle-man who outsourced the work to them (Cringely).

As of today, the only areas of American supremacy are:
1. military invasion to snatch foreign resources,
2. banking to extort money through mortgages, loans, and credit cards.

The work is outsourced to places that do not have guaranteed minimal vages, health insurance, where girls are fired when they get pregnant, where child labor is employed. There would be really no reason to outsource if we removed all our worker's protections. And it would bring us back some work ethics if most children had to work starting at age 9. I am joking, but you get the point.

Outsourcing to Canada, the country with better worker protections than the US, is a perfect example of sound outsourcing.

Note: this entry is prompted by Matt Margolis Blog Does Kerry Even Know What He's Talking About Anymore?

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