February 24, 2004

User Interface Pens

P-ISM is a great new way of using computers, from a new NEC line of gadgets with innovative user interfaces dubbed Resonantware. P-ISM revolves around 5 devices shaped as pens: CPU, cell phone, display, keyboard, camera. All "pens" can be stored in a battery charger. When in use, they all maintain a wireless networking connection.

Cell Phone Pen ear-piece also doubles as a media player ear-piece. The point of the pen is used as a pressure sensitive pointing device or a stylus for handwriting text.

Virtual Keyboard Pen projects an image of a keyboard onto any flat surface, such as a desk top (similar to Audiopad). The user taps onto the surface while a 3D camera detects when fingers touch "buttons". This technology by Canesta actually uses hardware chips to measure the distance from the camera to the surrounding objects, creating the 3D relief map. This makes load on the software much easier. The distance is determined by measuring the time it takes a light pulse to reflect (like radar), or by measuring number of photons that return.

Display again projects the image onto a flat surface (e.g. wall).

This is indeed a great new concept, with the largest obstacle being limited battery life. The company that manages to create a battery with 100 times the current power density, will make a huge fortune on devices such as these.

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