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Beating Heart: wireframe of sensors

JAVA interactive applet

The points are obtained by attaching Sonometrics sensors onto the LV surface and into the septum. Upper "ring" of points is from sensors attached around mitral valve. The lower tip corresponds to the apex.

Click here for more information about obtaining the data from Sonometric sensors. Datasets are provided by Marc Dickstein, MD, Columbia Presbiterian Hospital, New York.

Please, use the mouse to rotate this 3D model.

Source Code

Click here for

B-Spline Animation

The spline mesh is obtained by fitting 12 points in spherical coordinate system over a rectangular patch of size 2PI x PI, azimuth and elevation respectively. The patch is divided into a 32x32 net, giving 512 points that are converted back into cartesian coordinate system and plotted.

The algorithm for approximation/interpolation of a cloud of points by a B-spline surface is provided by Professor George Wolberg.

Click here or on the image to see the animated spline model of the heart.


Click here for the MATLAB source code. The list of files with a short description is in the file sREADME.m, and there is a file testpoints.mat that was used to do the spline fitting and to create the animations. Some of the files have long names, so you will have to modify them for use with a PC version of MATLAB 4.
Try running one of the batch files: sBatch.m, sBatch2.m, sBatch3.m and read the comments in the code. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me

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