Motorized Manipulator for Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery

A CAD model of a Stewart Platform with Fixed Actuators SPFA created by Josh Targownik.


Dimensions are calculated taking as a main requirement, the anticipated trajectory of the manipulator. See the "Choosing Manipulator Dimensions" chapter in the Thesis.
Platform radius
3.0 cm (1.2 inches)
Base radius
7.6 cm (3 inches)
Height in the "HOME" (neutral) position, like in the image
26.0 cm (10 inches)
Width of the image (just to give you idea of the size)
22.6 cm (8,9 inches)


The Thesis is available in two versions:


Click here to get the MATLAB functions for simulation, plotting and error calculation for Stewart Platform manipulators. The functions work with standard SP and SP with Fixed Actuators. The file SPREADME.m contains the list of the functions with a short description. The files batch?.m give examples how to use the funcitons.


Motor control software.