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What is 'resize_pictures'?

is a Ruby script for resizing photographs. It uses Magick library to create high quality resized images.

I often send family photographs to friends and relatives by e-mail. It is nice to make pictures smaller so that e-mail messages do not get too large, and for people to see each whole pictures within their monitor window.


After installing the software, select one or multiple photos, right-click -> SendTo -> Resize photo to 1024x768. New filenames will be created for each photo (e.g. "IMG123.JPG" -> "IMG123 (1024x768).JPG").

The script is written in Ruby, and it is easy to modify to output in different resolution, or to save to different filenames or sub folders.


The Windows installer will install the executable and create a shortcut in "Send To" folder.

Alternatively, if you have Ruby interpreter installed, download the source file, and run from command line. Add Ruby Magick gem if you don't have it on your machine.

gem install rmagick