February 16, 2005

Opera handling of <mailto:>

I have been an enthusiastic supporter of Opera browser, but small quirks and incompatibilities started bothering me. I am still using it, because the usability and the user interface is still ahead of Mozilla FireFox in many respects, and a decade ahead of IE.

For example, I set Opera to use a non-default Mail application by specifying these different command lines

C:\Programs\Internet\Thunderbird\thunderbird.exe -compose %1
C:\Programs\Internet\Thunderbird\thunderbird.exe -compose mailto:%1

The first line invoked the e-mail application in 'compose' mode, but did not insert the e-mail address. The second inserted an e-mail address but appended “1” (e.g. Jo@mail.com1) . Finally, this seems to be working:

C:\Programs\Internet\Thunderbird\thunderbird.exe -compose mailto:%

So “%” is being replaced with the e-mail address. That is not documented anywhere. It would be logical to use “%1”, “%2”... as in the DOS command line. And why does Thunderbird require “mailto:” when “-compose” is specified? Not to be outdone, Outlook team decided to have their command line the most cryptic:

"C:\Program Files\OUTLOOK.EXE" -c IPM.Note /m "%1" 

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