December 14, 2004

Version Control: Subversion

I tried using Subversion for version control at home on my Windows box. There is a Windows add-on TortoiseSVN that appears when right-clicking a file or directory. However, Subversion/TortoiseSVN did not work out for me.

I needed a simple one-machine repository without a need for remote access.

The problem is that TortoiseSVN keeps the repository in the same directory where your files are in ".svn" directory, which is bad for many reasons. I think I configured it to store the repository under a separate directory tree (which was created).

The other problem is that right-click menus give a bunch of options are I did not understand. At the same time, it did not offer Diff, and History/Log on directories, but only on individual files.

I also tried Perforce. I was always lost in that program. Part of the problem, as is the case with Subversion, is that they decided to rename terms "Check In" and "Check Out" that are used by 99% of the developers.

The software that I really loved is StarTeam by StarBase. The company was later bought by Borland, and I don't know how much they changed the software. It was great, but also very expensive (I used it at work).

SourceSafe is quite bad, but still better than anything else that is free.

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