February 18, 2004

Ski New Hempshire - on the cheap

We headed for a three-day trip to New Hampshire during the President's Day weekend [See photos HERE]. We decided to keep this trip cheap, paying no more than $35 for a daily ski pass.

See photos HERE

We skied Loon, Cranmore, and Cannon.

Loon is a large mountain, very well groomed - actually too well for my taste. There are no double-diamonds and few moguls. Trails are not as hard and diverse as at Stowe (where we usually go) so they seem shorter.

Skiing on a smaller mountains, such as Cranmore, is nice for working on technique. The trails are just as long as I can ski without stopping to rest - resting can be left for the lift.

Saturday was very warm in the morning, and Sunday was one of the coldest days in the season, well below zero F. So we decided to ski only half-day at a mountain with a gondola. Cannon Mountain has a roomy cable-car on one side of the mountain. Waiting time was about 5min, which was less than waiting for gondola on Loon. The skiing experience was unique: on one hand, the views were spectacular, and the frozen packed powder was perfect for downhill skiing. On the other hand, we skied extrememly cautiously because falling into snow at sub-zero temperatures can be very painful. My friend Mladen tried to ski without goggles after they fogged up. In less then a minute, his eyelids and eyelashes stuck frozen to one another.

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